Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

Current Graduate Students

  • Picture of João Pedro Coleta

    João Pedro Coleta

    Research Interests Brazilian Literature; Latin American Literature; Literature and Anthropology; Travel Literature; Contemporary Novel; Ethnographic Accounts; Ethnographic Novel; Ecocriticism; Literature by Indigenous Peoples
  • Picture of Luis Costa

    Luis Costa

    Research Interests Brazilian Literature from the 19th and 20th centuries, Brazilian Social Thought, nation-building, miscegenation, "sertão", Guimarães Rosa
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    Kevin W. Ennis

    Research Interests Amazonian Literature; Indigenous Literatures from Latin America; Narratives of Extractivism; Colonial Latin American Writings; Contemporary Portuguese, Lusophone African, and Lusophone Asian Narratives of Return, Displacement, and Migration
  • Picture of Joyce Silva Fernandes

    Joyce Fernandes

    Research Interests African Literature in Portuguese; Literary Translation; Brazilian Contemporary Literature; Postmemory; Decolonial Studies; Women's Literature; Gender Studies; Trauma Studies; Second Language Pedagogies; Inclusive and Queer Pedagogies
  • Picture of Jamie Giunta

    Jamie Giunta

    Research Interests Lusophone Cities; Urban Space; Citizenship; Activist Literature; Translation Studies; Brazilian Contemporary Literature; Postcolonial Studies; Lusophone Migration Narratives; Ethnicity and Race Studies
  • Picture of Alexsandro Menez

    Alexsandro Menez

    Research Interests Brazilian and Portuguese Nationalism 18th - 19th; Brazilian and Portuguese Literary Historiography 19th to mid 20th; Portuguese Overseas Exploration 15th-16th; Gaúcho Regionalism; Intellectual History; Romanticism, and Nationalist Studies
  • Picture of Karyn Mota

    Karyn Mota

    Office Hours Wed 10am - 12pm
    Research Interests Contemporary Brazilian Literature & Culture, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Africana and Black Studies, Portuguese and Lusophone African Literature, Communications, Digital Humanities
  • Picture of Mariana Mota Lopes

    Mariana Mota

    Research Interests Gender and Sexuality Studies; Queer Theory; Brazilian Contemporary Literature; Latin American Literatures; Queer Ecologies; Time and Space in Literature; Futurities; Utopias; Dystopias; Chaos; Fiction
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    Torin Spangler

    Research Interests Colonial and Contemporary Lusophone African Fiction; Portuguese, Brazilian and Lusophone African Historical Fiction and Historiographic Metafiction; Angolan & Mozambican History & Historiography; Portuguese Colonial & Postcolonial Studies; Judaic Studies
  • Picture of Michael Tufft

    Michael Tufft

    Research Interests Gender and Sexuality in 19th Century Brazil; Aluísio de Azevedo; Júlia Lopes de Almeida; Eça de Queiroz
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    Renata Villon

    Research Interests Animal Studies; Gender Studies; Female Authorship; Literary translation; Biopolitics; Ecocriticism; Brazilian Literature and Culture; Animal Representations in Modern Literature; Latin-American Identities; Environmental Crisis in Literature