Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

Graduate Programs

One of the leading centers for graduate-level study of the Portuguese-speaking world, the Ph.D. program in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies at Brown University specializes in Portuguese-language literature and cultural studies.

Application information is available on the Graduate School website. Prospective students can apply online. The Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies does not require the GRE from its applicants to the doctoral program.

The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Program in Portuguese and Brazilian is advanced graduate study in the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-Speaking World, with concentration on one or more the following areas: Brazil, Continental and Insular Portugal, Lusophone Africa, and Luso-America.
Recognizing the strong historical, linguistic and literary intersections between the Hispanophone and Lusophone worlds, the Departments of Hispanic Studies and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies have reciprocally launched graduate certificate programs.

Director of Graduate Studies

For more information on detailed requirements for the Ph.D. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Teaching and Mentoring for Doctoral Students, please consult the Graduate Student Handbook.