Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

Graduate Certificate

Recognizing the strong historical, linguistic and literary intersections between the Hispanophone and Lusophone worlds, the Departments of Hispanic Studies and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies have reciprocally launched graduate certificate programs.

These certificates offer an avenue for gaining advanced knowledge of literary, cultural or intellectual movements, genres and themes in the other field, as well as familiarity with the key scholarly debates and voices that animate it. In addition, students develop competence in academic writing and speaking in the certificate language.

The certificate programs were conceived primarily for students in each other’s departments, but students from departments beyond Hispanic Studies and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies are also welcome to apply.


3 seminars in the certificate program chosen to coherently complement the student’s studies in the home department. At least two of the courses should be taken at the 2000-level; at least one of the seminar papers for those courses should be in the certificate language:

  • a piece of work (e.g., conference paper, dissertation chapter, Major Paper or published article) in the certificate area;
  • participation in a colloquium hosted by the certificate program.


Students typically should apply for the certificate program by the end of their second year at Brown. In order to be considered for admission, they must have a minimum of intermediate proficiency in the certificate language as determined by prior coursework or a placement exam. Applications are made through UFunds and consist of the following components:

  • A 250-450 word statement of purpose;
  • A plan for completion of the requirements;
  • Approval from the DGS of the home department;
  • The applicant’s CV;
  • A B.A. or M.A. transcript.

Completion of the Program

Upon the completion of the certificate requirements, students must submit the seminar paper written in the certificate language and their transcript to the DGS in the certificate department, as well as proof of their colloquium presentation. They should earn “A’s” in at least two of their certificate courses and not less than a “B” in the third.

Successful completion of the requirements of the certificate program will be recognized on the Brown University transcript with a notation indicating the completion of advanced study in Hispanic Studies or Portuguese and Brazilian Studies.