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e-Journal of Portuguese History (e-JPH)

The e-Journal of Portuguese History (e-JPH) is an international peer-reviewed scholarly journal with the objective of providing publication of work on historical subjects, especially those concerning themes and topics of Portuguese history analyzed in a comparative perspective.

About the Journal

The e-Journal of Portuguese History (e-JPH) was founded in 2002 through a collaborative effort between the University of Porto (Luis Adão da Fonseca) and Brown University (Onésimo Almeida). This collaboration grew to include the universities of Évora, Lisbon, and São Paulo (Cátedra Jaime Cortesão). It was first published in the summer of 2003, with new issues released semi-annually ever since, exclusively in English and in electronic format. It was published at Brown until 2023, and is currently published by Brill. 

The journal pays special attention to themes and topics on the history of Portuguese-speaking societies, analyzed in various contexts and geographies. This includes a comparative perspective and the utilization of international, transnational, and global approaches and methodologies. Additionally, it engages in dialogue with the most significant and cutting-edge research conducted elsewhere. Contributions from the different social sciences with a historical orientation are also welcome. The e-JPH actively promotes transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches.

The ethos of e-JPH is pluralistic; it does not adhere to prescriptive ideological, theoretical or methodological approaches and privileges an inter-generational dialogue between scholars of different academic backgrounds.

For open access to back issues published prior to 2024, visit the Brown Digital Repository (BDR), where the journal is freely available for reading and download. For more information about the journal and access to current issues, visit the e-Journal of Portuguese History. (ISSN: 1645-6432)

Past Issues at the Brown Digital Repository